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Featured ShowMe Experts

Mitchell Rogers

South Australia

  • Gardening & Horticulture
  • Irrigation Design
  • Unique Outdoor Spaces

Sheila Marshall


  • Permaculture Practitioner
  • Food Production
  • Wicking Beds

Fiona Gregory


  • Organic Farming
  • Self-sufficient Gardening
  • Soil & Plant Health

Matt Alcock

South Australia

  • Landscaping Design
  • Water Features
  • Evergreen Gardens

Gardening advice that is A+

I connected with Mitch on ShowMe Exchange for advice on my garden project at my new property. Mitch was super knowledgeable and was able to provide, plant, irrigation and design advice that will help me transform my outdoor space. Would highly recommend this platform to any gardening enthusiast!
Tony D
Garden Master

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At ShowMe Exchange, we’re here to help you turn your garden dreams into reality. Find expert guidance to make your garden thrive. Connect with experienced garden and landscaping experts who can provide personalised advice for your outdoor projects.

Our consultations are budget-friendly, ensuring you can bring your vision to life within your financial means. Connect, learn, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share your passion for greenery and outdoor beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

ShowMe Exchange is a remote services marketplace where you can receive 1:1 real-time (live video) advice with an expert of your choosing, for all of your gardening needs. 

  1. Select a gardening expert
  2. Book a session online (30 minutes) 
    1. Select a time and date 
    2. Secure your booking with payment 
  3. Once booked you will receive a calendar invite with all the information you need to remotely connect with your chosen expert. 

Go to an expert’s profile and select ‘Book Me’ – you will be prompted to complete the booking form.

Experts on the ShowMe platform have expertise in the areas of gardening, landscaping, irrigation, pruning, pest treatment, plant health, design, and more. 

The ShowMe Exchange platform uses Stripe software to manage all the platform’s financial transactions, including all credit/debit card payments. 

Stripe is a highly secure payment platform with PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the highest level of certification available in the payments industry). For further information on Stripe, go to:

Anna-Clare Longford

  • Carpenter by Trade
  • Master Builders SA – HiViZ Women Building SA – Outstanding Woman in Construction winner of 2022
  • Lecturer of Construction Management at the UniSA
  • MATES in Construction champion & ASIST trained

Anna can help you with:

  • Carpentry Top Tips
  • Door locks
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Completing those projects you have always wondered how to fix

Anna’s Top Tip: There are many ways to fix a problem. Let me show you.

Laura Gransbury

  • Founder of Cinch Textiles
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Circular Economy advocate and specialist

Laura can help you with:

  • Fixing and repairing damaged upholstery
  • General mending advice
  • Patching and darning clothes
  • Ideas for giving old garments new life
  • Basic alterations.

Laura’s Top Tip: A quick stitch now can save an afternoon of mending later!

David Green

  • Electrical Engineer by trade
  • Automation specialist (sprinklers, smart home, industrial)
  • A car enthusiast – I have a keen interest in motor vehicle restoration projects and various car maintenance activities
  • DIY all-rounder

David can help you with:

  • Anything to do around the home – including your home DIY projects
  • Building custom cat runs, houses and enclosures
  • Entertainment system installation (i.e. tv brackets)
  • General home automation advice
  • General air-conditioning management
  • Home wireless networking advice
  • Energy savings and management

David’s Top Tip: To find answers, ask questions! The customer often knows the information for the answer – we just need to put all the puzzle together.

Peter Andrinopoulos

  • Founder at Genisis Timberworks
  • Timberworks specialist with an interest in upcycling and furniture restoration
  • When I am not in the workshop, you’ll most probably find me with a camera in hand – professional portrait, nature and product-based photography is my speciality.

Peter can help you with:

  • Design and drafting of new custom furniture
  • Furniture restoration
  • Recycling/upcycling old furniture and pallets
  • Garden projects
  • Tips and tricks for organising and optimising space on your workshop or garage

Peters’s Top Tip: Look at an item through the lens of possibility – what looks to be an old and worn pallet one day, could in fact be your next creative project!

Simon Flaherty

  • Founder at SPF Projects
  • Ceiling fixer and renderer by trade
  • Master Builders member

Simon can help you with:

  • Everything gyprock and render
  • Wall and ceiling framing
  • Paving and concreting
  • General home maintenance

Simon’s Top Tip: Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

Eden Steele

  • Founder at Steele Home Improvements
  • Qualified Cabinetmaker
  • DIY enthusiast

Eden can help you with:

  • Cabinetry Tips
  • Hinge and runner adjustment
  • Storage solutions
  • General DIY
  • Basic plumbing
  • Correct power tool operation

Eden’s Top Tip: You can usually only ever choose 2 of these 3 outcomes when renovating. Getting the job Cheap, getting a good Quality finish and having it done Fast.

  • Fast and cheap = bad quality
  • Fast and good quality = not cheap
  • Cheap and good quality = not fast

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