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Emily Pearce

Founder of Finding Frankie Furniture

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About me

  • Founder of Finding Frankie Furniture
  • Furniture artist and restorer

Hello! I am Emily  
I am the Founder of Finding Frankie Furniture – a South Australian creative business giving new life to preloved furniture. I create unique furniture items with a splash of colour, chic, calm, class and creativity – whatever the situation calls for!   
My journey into furniture artistry and business coincided with my motherhood journey. Before this, I was in healthcare and childcare until I unexpectedly had some health challenges, which saw me spending a considerable amount of time bedridden. Here started my journey and a deep inspiration for learning all about furniture restoration, upcycling and the endless creative opportunities that exist, despite the odds.  
My first major restoration was a sizeable green buffet that looked completely beyond repair… the TLC made all the difference – the transformation was thrilling, and I was hooked! I started Finding Frankie Furniture, posting my journey on social media and sharing the furniture transformations. I am now part of an extensive global restoration community that is endlessly inspiring!   
The biggest lesson I have learned is that almost anything is possible! It takes time, but learning new skills and having an openness to learning and growth is very rewarding. 
I love working with others and sharing knowledge. If you have a furniture project in mind, perhaps a special piece for you home, or a gift for a loved one, reach out! 

I can help you with:
  • Project ideation  
  • Preparing pieces for restoration 
  • Colour and design choices 
  • Guidance on repairing furniture  
  • Assisting with choosing products 
  • Basic alterations – removing or adding items  
  • Add beads or fluting to a piece of furniture  
  • Pros and cons of different techniques  
  • Sourcing furniture  
  • Staging – décor considerations  
  • Room styling – themed rooms and speciality rooms (i.e. nursery)  
  • Do you need a project pal?  I can work with you on a regular schedule to help your project come to life – from idea to completed product!  
Top Tip:

Preparation is key!

My past works

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    Eden Steele

    • Founder at Steele Home Improvements
    • Qualified Cabinetmaker
    • DIY enthusiast

    Eden can help you with:

    • Cabinetry Tips
    • Hinge and runner adjustment
    • Storage solutions
    • General DIY
    • Basic plumbing
    • Correct power tool operation

    Eden’s Top Tip: You can usually only ever choose 2 of these 3 outcomes when renovating. Getting the job Cheap, getting a good Quality finish and having it done Fast.

    • Fast and cheap = bad quality
    • Fast and good quality = not cheap
    • Cheap and good quality = not fast

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