Peter Andrinopoulos
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Peter Andrinopoulos

Founder at Genesis Timberworks

Speaks English, Greek

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About me

  • Founder at Genisis Timberworks
  • Timberworks specialist with an interest in upcycling and furniture restoration
  • When I am not in the workshop, you’ll most probably find me with a camera in hand – professional portrait, nature and product-based photography is my speciality.

My interest and passion for woodworking started in childhood when I used to undertake projects with my grandfathers and uncle. These fond memories have travelled with me and undoubtedly contributed to me having my own workshop and opening Genesis Timberworks.

Back in uni days, reusing materials was initially driven by necessity. Salvaging and repurposing older wood products for furniture was a great saving opportunity; it ultimately changed how I view older materials. Fast forward a handful of years, I was inspired to pick up an old pallet and pull it apart. After sanding back the timber, I was amazed at the outcome. The transformation kickstarted the ‘Pallet Project’ where I reuse and repurpose old pallets to make household furniture and products such as bookshelves, work benches, planter stands, photo frames, chicken coops and more.

My ultimate goal is to have no waste in creating new products from pallets – right down to the shavings! For example, using shavings and sawdust to make putty and fillers and to repurpose offcuts to make other timber products.

I have always been interested in architecture and design and have used the skills I gained in the design course to create custom furniture. Outside timberworks, I am also a bit of a green thumb – often out in the garden landscaping and tending to a seasonal garden patch.

I enjoy sharing knowledge and working with others who have similar interests. I look forward to connecting with you on ShowMe Exchange.

I can help you with:
  • Design and drafting of new custom furniture
  • Furniture restoration
  • Recycling/upcycling old furniture and pallets
  • Garden projects
  • Tips and tricks for organising and optimising space in your workshop or garage
  • Sourcing pallets – advice on what to look for and what not to touch
  • Pallet tricks of the trade – to help with disassembling to maximise what is salvaged and reducing splitting timber
  • Project ideation and project planning – advice on tool requirements and timeframes
  • Do you need a project partner? Or perhaps an accountability partner to ensure your projects don’t just get started but finished too?
Top Tip:

 Look at an item through the lens of possibility – what looks to be an old and worn pallet one day, could in fact be your next creative project!

My past works

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    Eden Steele

    • Founder at Steele Home Improvements
    • Qualified Cabinetmaker
    • DIY enthusiast

    Eden can help you with:

    • Cabinetry Tips
    • Hinge and runner adjustment
    • Storage solutions
    • General DIY
    • Basic plumbing
    • Correct power tool operation

    Eden’s Top Tip: You can usually only ever choose 2 of these 3 outcomes when renovating. Getting the job Cheap, getting a good Quality finish and having it done Fast.

    • Fast and cheap = bad quality
    • Fast and good quality = not cheap
    • Cheap and good quality = not fast

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